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'bbv sim' – a blood borne virus epidemic computer simulation

'bbv sim' – a blood borne virus epidemic computer simulation
The bbv sim is a teaching tool designed to develop understanding of the key drivers of blood borne virus epidemics amongst injecting drug users.

The model enables the you to alter things like:

  • the prevalence of the viruses;
  • the proportion of injectors who get all the injecting equipment they need;
  • the number of times a day the agents in the model inject; and
  • how mobile they are

...and then run the model to see how viruses spread.

Important note:
The bbv sim is a teaching tool that models some variables, but not all, and so does not claim to accurately predict the future spread of blood borne viruses amongst injectors.

However, it can usefully demonstrate the importance of needle and syringe programmes, and help people understand how variables they might not have considered influence viral spread.

Below are two screencasts – one showing how to set up the bbvsim, and the other showing it running.

If you'd like to visit the bbvsim website which includes:

  • a version of the sim which will run in your web browser;
  • full instructions and excercises; and
  • a version you can download onto your computer (PC or Mac)

please click here.


Screencast 1: setting up the bbv sim



Screencast2: the bbv sim running



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