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The Campaign title and logo
We know that injecting drives much of the harm caused by illicit drug use. A harm reduction response is the most effective way of preventing illness and death amongst injecting drug users: we wanted this to be reflected in the campaign name, and logo.

The campaign title 'Harm Reduction Works' achieves this with a clear statement of fact. We wanted the logo to reflect injecting without resorting to stereotyped images of needles and syringes or injectors. The campaign logo is a stylised illustration of an injector, as if viewed from above.

Using the campaign materials
The Harm Reduction Works campaign materials are designed to inform and change the conversations that occur between drug workers and drug users, and between drug users themselves... in order to change the decisions drug users make, and reduce the risks they take.

We suggest making available one or two poster spaces within all drug agencies that can be used to display the posters in rotation (so as not to deluge people with too much information) every 4 to 8 weeks, and that workers commit to raising the campaign issues with all their contacts during that period.

All the campaign resources can be used at any time of year. The run up to Christmas, with seasonal excess of alcohol consumption, extra take-home methadone doses and new year resolutions to achieve abstinence, makes December a good time to raise awareness of overdose risks. The overdose campaign resources are designed to help change perceptions of overdose risk, and improve the response to overdoses that people witness.

In the new year, a push to increase hepatitis B vaccination, hep C awareness and testing, syringe cleaning, HIV awareness and the other issues addressed by the materials can all be addressed in turn, using the training DVD for workers and peer trainers.

Exchange Supplies
This website, and the Harm Reduction Works campaign materials were produced by Exchange Supplies for the National Treatment Agency during 2008.

Exchange Supplies are a social enterprise committed to the reduction of drug related harm. Their main website has hundreds of 'tools for harm reduction' and free online resources, to visit it, click here.

Exchange Supplies also has a sister company focussed on tobacco harm reduction called nicotine direct which sells nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine gum, e-cigarettes, and has a collection of articles on nicotine, nicotine side effects, and how to stop smoking. To visit that site, click here.



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